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I know that moves can be tricky and I've worked with several national and local companies, but this was the WORST experience with a crew I have ever had. Honestly, if the moving crew hadn't had my phone number and details of the move I wouldn't have associated them with the business at all and if I hadn't had to move by that particular date I would have declined services upon my first impressions and interactions with the moving crew. What I saw looked nothing like the pictures that are posted for this company.

Noted on company website: "All our crews consist of trained, professional and uniformed moving specialists."

My experience with Milestone Relocation:

* One mover noted "you are the most difficult customer I've experienced," and "your move makes me want to retire, I just want to get out of here."

* Furniture was referred to as "cheap."

* Mover argued about providing a receipt for payment, noting the company does not have receipts for customers.

* Was told that if I wanted my furniture wrapped, wanted a receipt, etc. that "you should have gone with a different company, we don't do things that way."

* Mover #1: jeans and a black t-shirt; mover #2: jeans and a Nike sweatshirt

Unmarked truck, dilapidated condition, shattered glass on floor of truck. The movers said the condition of the truck just happened a few days prior, but I can't imagine a business being okay with moving paying customers in it.

Noted on company website: "We will bring moving blankets, shrink wrap and tape to protect your furniture at no extra cost."

My experience with Milestone Relocation:

* Movers complained that my mattress bag was not taped shut; they did not have tape. I unpacked a box to provide the tape.

* Movers noted that I was being "argumentative," and "making this harder than it needed to be," when I requested that moving blankets be used to transport furniture. After several requests on my part, they still did not do this with 100% of furniture.

* Mover notified me that he would point out any scratches, furniture damage, etc. prior to moving an item. Two marks on the dining table were showed to me. After the move: bedframe is bent; TV stand has several scratches and bookcase has a scratch.

* Was told that if I wanted my furniture wrapped, wanted a receipt, etc. that "you should have gone with a different company, we don't do things that way."

Noted on company website: "Great customer care. We are committed to providing excellent overall moving experience to our customers. We have highly knowledgeable moving consultants to answer all your questions before your move, dispatchers that are available on your move day; and in case something goes wrong, we will always be here to address any issues that may have appeared."

My experience with Milestone Relocation:

* After the movers arrived, I called to voice concern about the condition of the truck and about payment (was notified by mover that I needed to pay for 100% of the work before they unloaded the truck - something that was not communicated to me when the move was scheduled). I was told that a dispatcher would call me within the hour to discuss my question. I never received a call back.

* Sam Thurman, Atlanta area supervisor was called by a mover when I stated that I needed to hear about the mid-move payment policy from someone in the office.

o I noted that no one had notified me about making a full payment half-way through the job. He asked what I had been told about payment and I said I had been told nothing other than the per hour cost. He replied with, "See no one told you that payment happened at the end either. So you see my point, you need to pay them now."

o I communicated my frustration with furniture items not being wrapped for protection while being moved from apartment to elevator to truck. He asked if items were secure in truck and I said yes. His reply was "So what else do you want?" When I stated that I wanted items transported securely and not at-risk of damage he told me to "let the movers do their job, lady."

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and argumentative movers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, argumentative movers, refusal to wrap furniture, services not delivered as advertised" of milestone relocation solutions moving service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $470. Milestone Relocation Solutions needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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